The Icemakers Mistress was created for the purpose of improving the ice playing surface by reducing temperature fluctuations at the ice surface, while also reducing your operating costs.

This control system is currently installed in more than 25% of Ontario Curling Clubs. With its recent expansion into the Eastern and Western provinces and the U.S.A, The Icemakers Mistress has made a name for itself as the premiere Ice Control System on the market. The Icemakers Mistress control system can be viewed and operated over your local network, or over the internet on your mobile device.

We have continued to refine and enhance the Icemakers Mistress to provide a product that is:

  • Easy to install
  • easy to set up and tune
  • Easy to operate
  • Results that players will truly notice and appreciate
  • AND will save on your utilities

Enhanced Capabilities:

  • Up to 8 ice temperature sensors
  • Multiple air temperature measurements and independent heater controls
  • Multiple relative humidity sensors and control
  • User-friendly
  • Real-time dew point calculation can be used in place of RH to control dehumidifier
  • Brine surge tank level measurement and alarm
  • Easy to use programmable control of all control parameters

For additional Information, check out some of the features: