How To Reduce Power Costs And Improve Ice Conditions At Your Curling Club
This article is specific to the impact of the Icemakerís Mistress on York Curling Club (YCC) in Newmarket, Ontario. YCC supports in excess of 700 members and is busy from 9AM to 11PM, 6 days a week and 9AM to 9PM, on the remaining week day. Results will vary, depending on the current schedule and operational process at your particular facility.
In 2010 YCC underwent an expansion from 4 to 6 sheets and a refrigeration plant and ice shed floor renewal. The refrigeration plant comprises of 50 HP compressor, 11 HP air cooled condenser and a 15 HP brine pump.
During the 2011-12 curling season, there was nothing done in the way of down time temperature setbacks and the plant ran an average of 19.89 hours per day, the brine pump ran 24 hours per day and the club consumed 347,600 KwH.
During the 2012-13 curling season as the ice shed temperatures were lowered and the brine temperature was increased manually during down time periods overnight when an ice technician was at the club after the last draw of the night. The temperatures were reset to normal operating temperatures when the ice technician arrived to prep ice in the morning, usually 3 hours prior to the first draw. The plant ran an average of 15.13 hours per day, the brine pump 24 hours per day and the club consumed 305,920 KwH.
Before the start of the 2013-14 season, we installed the Icemakerís Mistress. This enabled the setback controls to be managed automatically every day of the week. As a result the plant ran an average of 12.06 hours per day, the brine pump about 17 hours per day. The club consumed 243,680 KwH or 103,920KwH less than two years prior when no setback activities were performed.
The following summarizes the benefits YCC has enjoyed as a result of the implementation of the Icemakerís Mistress:
   1.  Reduction in power consumption of approximately 30%.
   2.  Increased visibility and historical information on the air temperature and humidity levels of the ice
        shed providing the Ice Technician good information to understand what could cause changes in
        playing conditions
   3. The reduction in plant run time will reduce run time based maintenance costs on the plant
        allowing maintenance that was being done every 2 years, to be extended to every 3 years.
   4. Improved ice conditions, as you can control the plant based on ice surface temperature instead
       of brine temperature, maintaining a more consistent playing surface. Members have been very
       happy with the ice since the Mistress has been installed.
   5. Improved ice maintenance capability with softer ice for the morning scrape, allowing for a deep
       scrape, minimizing ice buildup through           the season.
   6. Capability to get text message alerts for plant failures to a smart phone and view and change settings
       on the Icemakerís  Mistress remotely if your club is equipped with internet access.
Depending on the current operating processes in place at your club and the capability to take advantage of energy grant programs, payback for the system can be as little as 1 year.
In summary, the Icemakerís Mistress has had a very positive impact on the club. Reduces costs and enables the capability to provide better and more consistent ice conditions for the members.
Jack Inouye - Head Ice Technician
York Curling Club

What our customers are saying about The Icemakers Mistress

With the Icemakers Mistresses I have a more consistent ice surface than with any other control I have used. Itís like having the best ice tech on site 24/7, and it saves a huge amount of energy by using setbacks of air and ice temperature along with the many other efficient features.

The ability to view and control over the internet and phone is a feature I would not want to be without.


Ian MacAulay - Head Ice Technician

RCMP CC & Ottawa CC

 In 2005 I began looking for a plant controller with specific capabilities. I was pleasantly surprised that one existed. Having it installed and in use since 2006, it has become the control system of choice. The capability of fine tune control makes our product (the ice) better. The ability to save on utility usage keeps our operating costs in check. I am particularly pleased with the remote access / control, and the ďtext messageĒ alarms have been a lifesaver on several occasions.

Don Powell - CCA Level 4 Ice Technician, OCA Ice Team - Lead Course Conductor, Curling Services - Ice Technician

Weston Golf and Country Club

Years ago there was not an affordable controller that solved the unique problems that curling ice technicians face.

Since installation and with continued development of the Icemakerís Mistress these problems are now being properly addressed.

Now, when teams leave a sheet of ice, compensation is made automatically that does not allow the ice to tighten up. And a specific mode of operation can be selected for various ice events like installation, burning, setbacks, competition, or regular draw play.

Incorporated in all of the above is the ever increasing cost of hydro and gas. Utilization of setbacks, de-stratification, and economy mode has resulted in large savings. The recent updates now befriend an ice maker allowing programming of the ice and rink area for a week at a time. Monitoring performance is made efficient with a series of history graphs which I use daily. This along with the large array of alarms, and access from many devices including my smart phone, has made troubleshooting much easier.

I look forward to any updates that may be coming


        David Fish - Ice Technician
        Niagara Falls Curling Club
Our club has now had one season using this amazing system. Harold has been there every step of the way to provide support and help me get acquainted with the system. As a result by mid-November I had thrown away all my preconceived beliefs about what was required for making great ice, and was implementing the Mistress to its fullest. The savings we achieved meant the system had paid for itself by February. Not only are we now experiencing huge savings monthly because of the Icemakers Mistress, but the quality of the ice surface has been elevated to a level that I was unable to attain before. By using the set-backs it also resulted in less frost being created overnight and in turn faster ice throughout the games and more vivid circles and lines all year. Being able to view and adjust all settings from my phone is another huge bonus. While in Mexico last March I was able to monitor how things were going while I was away. One late afternoon the Mistress sent me an alarm on my phone telling me the ice temperature was getting too warm because of much higher temperatures outside. This was half an hour before the first draw of a three draw night. I was able to easily turn on our backup compressor resulting in saving the day by getting my ice temperature to the optimal point by game time. Again, thank you Icemakers Mistress. I love my Mistress and now my Mistress goes everywhere with me. I would recommend that every club install this piece of equipment in order to save buckets of money, and also end up with a better ice surface.
Dwight Hermiston
Barrie Curling Club